Trump Times Entry 30 – Alt-wrong


December 8, 2016try3

It’s been thirty days since the pro-life right delivered their partial birth election. Using process distrust, racial divisiveness and big fat whopping lies they delivered the unexpected, the Donald. And now they expect us all to respect the process, come together and let them select which truth is self-evident. After all, they won – right?

Apparently, they don’t understand that respect is only of value when it’s earned and that “coming together” with White Supremacists is not on the table. But mostly, they don’t get that truth is immune to favor – winning an election does not make any particular notion true, the win just makes it popular.

The republic stands on self-evident truth, not self-involved approval. Even now.

Over the last month, the media has warned: don’t mainstream the alt-right. I, for one, find this message a little confusing since the term alt-right is just a rebranding for terms like White Supremacist or Nazi. So, using that moniker contributes to the whole mainstreaming thing, but our media has always been better at declaring morality than acting morally. Ya know?

Independent News providers too are straddling that morally ambiguous line. Recently, one of the Independent sources I follow featured an interview with a self-proclaimed, proud White Nationalist.

The interview was conducted as if this guy were mainstream. Only gentle guiding questions were asked and they let him talk without interruption. Hell, they let him claim the country was created for whites and further claim the victim position – without challenge. At the conclusion, White Nationalist guy bemoaned the fact that no one respected or listened to him and his (white) people. The reporter responded, “Maybe you and I can be something of a bridge to get that conversation going.”

Really? I bridge to seriously discussing White Nationalism? No thanks! We settled that shit a long time ago.

This bullshit interview came from a progressive Independent News source. I can only surmise that this news source is running out of cash and is willing to publish anything to gain clicks. We can expect reporting on alien abductions and Elvis sightings next.

When the Nazis starts talking, even if the Nazi is wearing a suit and can speak in sentences, that Nazi should be challenged at every turn. The press is obligated to call out bullshit, not provide a platform for it.

Unless of course, that press has moved on from the traditional model to the entertainment model – kind of like the government. I wonder, has it?

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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