Trump Times Entry 27 – Cuck


December 5, 2016inthought2

as winter looms damp and gray
upon the rustbelt USA
we begin the twenty-seventh day
The Donald demands attention pay

Sorry, feeling kind of poetic this morning. But, given that Trump is tweeting up a storm on all subjects from China (he thinks they are not nice) to Saturday Night Live (he thinks they are not funny) I feel we need to confront our president-elect’s need for attention.

One would think grabbing the presidency and gaining the international attention that comes with holding the keys to our nuclear arsenal would be plenty. After all, pretty much everyone everywhere is looking at the Donald (and thinking WTF). But, such abstract, State Department constrained attention is not the Donald’s style. He prefers Twitter, where he can keep things fair.

Yup, the old guy we put in charge can’t be bothered with security briefings, press conferences or State Department research. He may govern via social media only. Meanwhile, the republic stands on social inertia only.

But enough of trying to be artful, let’s talk about name calling – specifically, the guttural sounding alt-wrong term “cuck”. “Cuck” is a portmanteau – kind of a fusion of “cuckold” and “conservative”. It loosely translates to race (or tribe) traitor, but the archaic “cuckold” brings a certain sexual yuck factor to bear.

The term elegantly meets all the playground pejorative requirements in that is has an ugly sound and it conjures unpleasant images. But, I find the targeting more interesting. The word was created by conservatives to attack other conservatives because they weren’t conservative enough. Wow.

I first heard the word in a video of a Paul Rand campaign rally. Young white dudes were chanting “Cuck!” as Paul tried to convince the crowd to vote for him. Paul Rand wasn’t conservative enough, so he was a cuck. Fascinating.

I wonder who these guys are. Not the chanting dudes, they’re just sheep bleating into the void. I mean the inspired linguists who delivered unto us the cultural open sore “cuck”. How dark, how bleak must one’s soul be to attack one’s own? Like that?

Meh, they’re probably not even worth deploring. Besides it’s time for another Donald tweet. (I wonder, historically, has a president-elect ever started a war?)

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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