Trump Times Entry 25 – Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse

December 3, 2016mefront2

Ah, twenty-five days into the Trump Experience.  After twenty-five days of tweets, political transactions and other tells we begin to sense what’s coming – lots more angry people.  Just yesterday, the Donald managed to piss off Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and China.

While, I assume, China was never a big Trump fan, both Ann and Sarah were supporters – loud, public supporters.  So, given recent history, can we surmise that the Donald will be offensive across the political spectrum?  An equal opportunity hoodlum?  Will he be willing to throw anyone under the buss, even allies?

Why, yes – of course.

Nevertheless, we will hand the reins of power over to this guy in January.  Odd, how we are ethically compelled to grant power to a man who doesn’t practice ethics.  Life in the USA is funny that way, but for now, the republic stands.

While Ann was angry over Trump backing off campaign promises like building a wall, Sarah (in an unexpected lucid moment) complained that Trump’s Carrier factory deal is Crony Capitalism.  China, of course, just wants Trump to keep the fuck out of Taiwan.  Of the three, let’s hope Trump listens to the most populous country on our planet.

If he  wants to keep aggravating Sarah and Ann that’s great – I see comedy gold in our future.

Along with the shrill Coulter and Palin voices, many other disappointed Trump customers are starting to tweet objection to the Donald’s latest actions.  Apparently, those Trump supporters thought he was actually going to build a 2000-mile wall, deport millions of people, end terrorism and lower taxes while saving Social Security and health care – fast.

I wonder if those objectors were listening during the campaign when the Donald repeatedly contradicted himself regarding policy. Or if they noticed that none of his policy statements contained any detail.  I wonder if they noticed the racist nasty tone Trump brought to the debate.  I wonder…

Actually, I don’t wonder, because I know they only heard what they wanted to hear. And now they find themselves with an alt-right government bearing down on their Medicare and Social Security like a cruise missile. Good luck with that Trump voters – at least there won’t be taco trucks on every corner.


That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,


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