Trump Times Entry 23 – Standing Rock

Standing Rock

December 1, 20inthought2

At the twenty-three-day mark in our journey through Trump times, we find our body politic not just divided, but fractured. Mostly, the banana republicans are swarming to the Donald, hoping for absolution and power. Some, having committed mortal sins during the campaign, have no hope for forgiveness – they have decided to act as if the Donald does not exist.

The democrats have, predictably, fallen back into finger-pointing mode. Fault assignment, for the sixth straight year, is the leading party narrative. Also predictably, the geniuses who lost the House, the Senate and, now, the presidency were reelected to party leadership. The party of change can’t even change itself.

Meanwhile, our current government wages war against American citizens on American soil. In times like these one wonders, just what the republic stands for?

Okay, I’ll grant that the term “waging war” could be hyperbolic, but if we examine the tactics our corporate, county, state and federal forces have used at Standing Rock, we find the term accurate.

If one side uses military transport and assault vehicles, military armor, military weapons and gets to declare no-fly zones that side is waging war. It doesn’t matter if the people using the military might are official soldiers, deputy sheriffs or private contractors. Using military might renders war, regardless of what the army calls itself.

Waging war against the population is, of course, unconstitutional. (Except during revolution, but we’re clearly not there. Yet.) So, the powers that be are using loopholes and fuzzy logic to justify using force to put down Standing Rock protests. I assume they want to end this thing soon, before the harsh winter sets in. They don’t want to risk images of Native American water protectors freezing in North Dakota blizzards capturing public attention.

Donald tweets might not be enough to cancel out images of suffering on such a scale, especially with the Americana theme. Hence, get them out quick. Military action is quick – messy, but quick.

I’m reluctant to suggest people head out to Standing Rock and join a band of protesters who fight a military unit with drums, blankets and hope. But, I’m also painfully aware that such people exist and they are on their way to Standing Rock as I sit comfortably in my studio and write.

They deserve our support, however we can – cash, deeds, words. That kind of idealism is worth the investment.

BTW, the Donald has holdings in several companies that fund this pipeline adventure. What a surprise hey?

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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