Trump Times Entry 22 – Twittered to Distraction

Twittered to Distraction

November 30, 2016trump-monop

It’s been three weeks and a day since the worse electoral disaster since Warren G. Harding and Kellyanne Conway is on her way to Canada.

A high priestess in #CultTrump, Kellyanne isn’t fleeing to the great white north like so many Americans have done before. Rather, she’s visiting the tar sands to reassure the big energy corporations.  #CultTrump wants the them all to know, they will be allowed to leak toxic crude oil onto American soil for many years to come.  While upon fouled land, the republic still stands.

Off topic…
IMO, one of the worst consequences of the election is that we will be subjected to years of Kellyanne Conway.  With the grace of a playground bully, she sidesteps issues by attacking anyone who disagrees with her while claiming she’s the victim – of abusive logic, I guess.  The sound of her voice causes my gut to flip. I cannot look at her for fear of throwing-up.  She literally makes me sick.

Forcing Kellyanne onto the American public is a human rights violation!

Back on topic…
What was the topic?  Oh yeah, more presidential twitter bullshit.

We have lots of national concerns to amuse us at the moment.  Let’s see, we have a peaceful transfer of occurring (well, sort of); we have numerous conflict of interest questions arising from that transfer.  We have a troubling outbreak of hate incidents; we have an increasing number of Trump supporters publicly claiming that THEY are the victims of discrimination.  We still have all the usual shit – expensive war, shooting each other here at home, health-care, rich getting richer – everyone else poorer.  The usual.

So, what does the Donald Tweet about?  Why, flag burning of course.

In true Trump form, he managed to insult both our constitution and our intelligence in less than 140 characters.  But, if we focus on what he says, we miss the point.

Of course, it’s news when the President-Elect proposes an unconstitutional penalty for a non-crime, just because he thinks so.  But, since he really frequently tweets outrageous stuff, it’s not lead news.

It’s an obvious distraction – a change of subject to get everyone to overlook all the Loony-Toon corruption.

I think dumb-ass Trump tweets should only be covered in a single side-bar.  You know, with a title like “Shit Our Donald Tweeted Today”.  That way, those with a taste for it, could easily find what the Teeter-In-Chief’s got on his mind.  And the rest of us could assign this bullshit the importance is deserves.  None.

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,

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