Trump Times Entry 21 – My Fellow Citizens

My Fellow Citizens

November 29, 2016mefront2

It’s been three weeks since the election. And the Trump voters, hidden for so long fearing ‘social pressure’, are stepping out of the closet. Speaking out in public – anywhere in public, they claim both discrimination and privilege. Like cracks forming on an iced-over lake, they indicate overall weakening. But the republic stands.

Remember the good old days when most Trump voters were too timid to speak out? Fearing they might be forced to publicly defend the Donald, they just covered their ears and avoided public discourse.

Not no more…

The Web now is littered with videos featuring vocal Trump voters loudly declaring their #TrumpLove. They, mostly, like to mix their disclosure with some misogynistic or raciest rhetoric, just to keep it real.

Some of these new video stars use #TrumpCult disclosure as a basis to claim discrimination. For instance, I’ve seen, “You discriminated against me because I voted for Trump!” used. But, up until the moment the Trump person announced, no one knew. You can’t be discriminated against, for your opinion, if others don’t know your opinion. But, it does make good theater.

I wonder how long until the White Supremacist media spin this story into a sad narrative about good Trump people victimized by elite clerks and baristas. An outrage!

Personally, I think it’s great that the #TrumpCult people are publicly speaking out. It’s really valuable to know who they are and what (and if) they think. I look forward to lots more video filled with lots more dumb shit. Know the enemy.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

A ten minute #TrumpCult rant:


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