Trump Times Entry 18 – Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets

November 26, 2016mefront2

It’s been 18 days since they stole the election, but the Trump gang seems angry as ever.  Sore losers I understand, but the sore winners are troubling.  I suspect they just like to be angry.

Nevertheless, the republic stands, now waiting to be made great again.

I find it remarkable how common Twitter recursion has become.  For instance, the mainstream media headline this morning was, “Trump tweets Castro is dead!”  How the fuck is that even news, no less a lead story?  It’s a headline of a tweet of a headline.  A story that indirectly refers to itself.  It’s not about Castro dying, rather about Trump announcing that Castro is dead because Castro died and Trump is announcing…  Goes around in circles, kind of make you dizzy – oh, it was on Fox News.  Fox is always good for a cheap high – probably why it’s so popular.

But enough about Fox, let’s spend some time pondering the Trump Tweet phenomena.


As we all know, tweets are short declarative expressions, meant to provoke.  And the Donald is a provocateur.  For years, we have been offered a never-ending set of venomous Donald tweets covering all topics Trump.  Hell, there are online databases of Trump Tweets.  Did you know that, so far, there are 235 Trump tweets with the word “loser” and 222 with “dumb” or “dummy”?  Mostly name calling and critical, Donald tweets arn’t, well, classy.

Up till now, the consumption of the Trump tweet was limited to those with a taste for it.  Much like pro wrestling, Elvis sightings and alien abductions, the Trump tweet audience was large, but self-limiting.  (Since, most people have a crazy limit.)

But in the new order, those of us who don’t have a taste for the Jerry Springer Show are now compelled to expose ourselves to the Donald’s Twitter stream of consciousness.  It promises to be painful.

On the other hand, if you have ever wanted to troll the internet, here’s a real chance.  Trump is over sensitive, in public view, easily provoked and apparently runs his own Twitter feed.  Twitter is a Troll Heaven; all skill levels welcome.  Take a shot.

I wonder how long until some snarky troll shakes an international incident level tweet from the Donald.  Sure hope he doesn’t ironically start a war.  Ya know?

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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