Trump Times Entry 12 – Hate’s Transitive

Hate’s Transitive

November 20, 2016inthought2

On day twelve we feature Starbucks customers, political drama within political drama and an emerging politically correctness

Let’s start with that institution where so many contemporary parables are set, Starbucks – where Trump thinkers engage the, obviously, prejudice baristas in nuanced values-based discourse.

Trump people also engage in the occasional Lulz like:
Order a drink and tell the barista the name is Trump.  This compels the barista to publicly call out “Trump” when the drink is ready.  The fun can, of course, be amplified by not responding to the first call and forcing multiple public utterances of “Trump”.

What fun, hey?  And so very clever.

On another Starbucks front, we have some guy in a sweater vest yelling “Trump!” and “I voted for Trump!” at a barista because of, reportedly, slow service.  He followed up with demanding his money back and calling her “trash” and “garbage.”

A few days later he said he apologized stating, “I was having a bad day.”

No, asshole, the barista was having a bad day.  You were having a normal day.

Moving on to popular theater, some of the Hamilton cast took the opportunity to address VP Pence as he was leaving the Friday night performance.  They respectfully read a short message of concern, Pence listened and left.  Pretty low keyed as protests go.

The next morning the Donald tweeted up a storm on how unfair the cast was.  Claiming they were rude and harassed poor Mike Pence, “Apologize!” Tweeted our President- Elect.

Relax Donald.  Mike Pence is a big boy; I don’t think his feelings were hurt.  Mike will be okay.  But, if you really need to do something with the empathy you planned to lavish on VP Pence, perhaps you could extend some to the over forty million Americans who stand in fear of you.

Finally in reaction to a newly emerging political correctness, an angry little poem:

It’s Transitive

I’ve heard
Voting for
Someone who hates you
Doesn’t mean
I hate you

Yes it does

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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