Trump Times Entry 9 – We Will Survive

We Will Survive

November 17, 2016mefront2

It’s been nine days and, frankly, I was hoping to be numb by now.  Our information delivery systems continue to regurgitate contradictory accounts on how the ‘peaceful-transition-of-power’ is going.  Some say Transition Team Trump is in disarray and riddled with Shakespearean intrigue.  But no worries, because the Donald tweeted out that the everything is proceeding smoothly.  Probably the best assessment is that both the reports are nonsense.

True, on day one a classic purge led by Trump’s son-in-law eliminated all the Chris Christie people from Transition Team leadership.  And true, with most the leaders gone, the transition has slowed to a stop.  But who’s to say, from a Trump point of view, this isn’t smooth.  And, lets face it, a relative of the king taking control by supplanting the existing gentry with his own minions is too obvious to be called Shakespearean.

On the other hand, if Trump tweets something, there is an excellent chance that the tweet doesn’t really mean that is seems to mean.  Furthermore, if we wait long enough, there is an equally excellent chance that the Donald will tweet something that directly contradicts any other given Donald tweet.

But I digress…

Over the last few days, a “We will survive this” mime has emerged.  Everyone is saying it.  Obama said it – though, more poetically as “The sun will rise tomorrow”.  Hillary said it, various celebrities said it.  Hell, even Bernie Sanders said those words recently.  We will survive this.

Bullshit!  Some of us will not.

Some seniors counting on Medicare will not survive the for-profit changes coming.  Many young military recruits will not survive whatever bullshit war we get into next.  The victims of the next mass shooting, by definition, will not survive the next Second Amendment facilitated tragedy.

Plus, since when is mere survival an American value?

It would be helpful if our leadership, media and other public speakers told the truth:  Some of us will not survive.  And it’s not acceptable.  The fault falls to the austerity-hypocrite Republicans, the spineless Democrats and the self-involved electorate that put this huckster in charge.trump-monop

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,


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