Trump Times Entry 7 – Give Him a Chance?

Give Him a Chance?

November 15, 2016inthought2

At the one week mark we hear “Give him a chance!” chanted through the national conversation.  Remarkably the chanting comes from mainstream media, the alt-right and the current establishment.  All together in odd harmony.

Have you noticed that when all the political reality makers want the same thing, it’s usually a bad idea?

Let’s talk about the demand – the chance given.  Well, he gets a chance regardless of what we do or say.  This ‘chance’ is not ours to give.  Kind of a silly to demand what you already have; perhaps there is more to it.  It seems, they want us to ignore all that proceeded and stop criticizing until Trump does or says something new.  They don’t want a chance; they want a reset.

I see no reason to grant a reset.

Words have meaning.  The hateful, ugly, things Trump said over the last year cannot be forgotten on demand.  Winning a popularity contest does not erase history.

Promises (even campaign promises) express intent.  We would be damn fools to ignore the intent expressed during the Trump campaign.  When someone promises to attack you, you probably want to act on that information before that attack starts.  Not give them a chance.

So, let’s continues to object without pause.  Whatever form you choose – protest, blog, comments to the media, arguing with family, petitioning the Electoral College, whatever – don’t let up and ‘Give him a chance’.  If the situation were reversed, he would attack us without mercy.

Give him a chance?  Fuck off.trumpfootball2


That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,



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