Prevailing conservative thought regarding Syrian refugees.

I swear, the more I listen to Ben Carson, the more I think the dude is self-medicating.


8 thoughts on “Prevailing conservative thought regarding Syrian refugees.

      • Regardless of your opinion of the man (which I’m not attempting to sway), it absolutely does. I’m sure you could agree that most media outlets lean one way and therefore slants certain quotes. For example, Dr. Carson never said that he applied to Westpoint, as most media outlets reported. That is an example of how it does matter which you are listening to.

      • I’m not trying anything. I’ve defended Democrat candidates when, say, Sean Hannity takes something they say out of context. Same with reporters from, say, CBS, ABC, CNBC, etc. Surely you aren’t suggesting that nobody has any bias in reporting somewhere.

        Keep your opinion. It’s healthy to have differing opinions. But I think it’s naive to believe that different members of the media (mainstream or otherwise) don’t add their own slant to it. It’s human nature that cannot be removed.

        I asked from which source you listened to, and you said it doesn’t depend. No matter what your opinion is, which source matters.

  1. Thanks so much for allowing me to “keep my opinion”.

    You asked nothing about my sources. Instead you stated that my opinion depends upon whether my sources were direct or indirect. That’s cool, but you keep suggesting that you know my opinion on press bias – a topic not treated in this particular post.

    Nearly everything you have offered has been off topic. I find it interesting one paragraph was solely about you…

    Are you self-medicating?

    • Nothing says “I cannot articulate my point well” like an insult. Good form.
      I never said or suggested I know your opinion on the media. I said surely you arent suggesting that there is no bias in the media (which you dodged, which is a form of changing the subject, by the way).
      Fox has a bias and cnbc has a bias. Can we not agree on that? It’s very possible that I believe many of the same things politically that you do, but your tone is so defensive that there’s no way to find out.
      My only point is that it depends where you get your information from. Thats all, friend.

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