NaPoWriMo Project Day 14 – Not Quite a Feminist Observation

Not Quite a Feminist Observation

A moratorium on body part metaphor
Except male

Is based on not objectifying
The female

She smirked as that last word
Left her flag red lips

Never one to avoid a trap
I countered with this quip

That’s kind of like a moratorium on thought
Well, except the male

Knew at once my direct approach
Would very likely fail

Her eyes flashed hot untangled words
She moved in for the kill

You prick, we put up with unwanted
Male attention still

You dress up to be noticed then object when it works
You ass

(So close I feel a heartbeat throb
Coming from that lass)

Did you just use my backside to make your point?
Butt head

(Closer still, breath on my neck
Don’t recall what next I said)

Could not defend the intended metaphor
For the unintended range

But wondered if she might include
Body parts in the next exchange



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