Welcome to Post Rapture America

Well, it’s after 6:00 pm on the 21st of May.  So, by now all the true believers should be in heaven, leaving us non-believers and sinners behind.  I’ve been searching for news of the promised apocalypse, but nothing seems to have happened.  No earthquakes, no opening of the sky to receive the worthy, no mass disappearance of “real” Christians.  The only rapture related news has been about a a few atheist parties around the still intact world.  (Oh, and a several Rapture Going Out of Business sales – gotta love American capitalism.)

Promises, promises…

Then again, if the theory is true and only the worthy were to be taken today, then I can only assume that there were no worthy candidates and we are all stuck here until the End of Days.  So join the party Reverend Camping and followers; it looks like we are all going to fry together on October 21st.

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