Well dear reader, I’m just too depressed to write a blog today.  For, I have finally begun to work on my taxes.  Typically, I start the task of settling up with THE MAN as late as possible.   So, performing this sadomasochistic ritual now is really pretty early for me.

After going over the various forms, statements and receipts I have found that, once again, I will be sending a check to our friends in Washington.  I was hoping that since I spent most of last year unemployed perhaps they would be satisfied with what they had already taken.  But, financing three wars is mighty expensive and they really need more.

But there is hope – our government has found a way to not tax those who really need the cash.  According to the national news both The Bank of America and General Electric (a couple of our outstanding corporate “people”) will be paying no taxes this year.  Now, that makes taxing unemployment insurance make sense.

My goodness, this IS depressing.  I need to finish with something light, something joyful – perhaps puppies and butterflies. There, that’s better.


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