Trump Times Entry 28 – Fact Free

mefront2Fact Free

December 6, 2016

This is the twenty-eighth day since the last American election and that’s a fact. Or is it? After all, who am I to say? Just because I can read a calendar and count?

Perhaps, some feel the election was over as soon as the Donald declared. Since god chose him, all that followed was irrelevant – Trump jumps in, election over. So, it’s been way longer than twenty-eight days. Others may sincerely believe that I should not include Sundays in my count. Since I was not born-again I am not entitled to use the holly day for my unholy count. Who’s to say?

But regardless of just how long it’s been, the republic still stands. (Unless, of course, someone thinks otherwise.)

The announcement from the Trump Crusade regarding the suspension of facts, while breathtaking, was not entirely unexpected. It was more of a finishing touch when, after over a year of ignoring facts, Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes declared to the press, “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.”

While I’m grateful for the candor, I wonder if that fact applies to the fact she just stated. (See how quickly this shit gets confusing. That’s the point!)

At first I thought, when someone that forgone starts talking, the press has an obligation to shut them down. You know, respond with a “that’s not true” and then turn off the feed. Why argue facts with a person that doesn’t believe in facts?

But after some thought, I think a better option is to just let them talk. Stop asking questions – cause what’s the point? Just give them the mic. Sure, this could lead to some awkward dead-air time. But, I’m sure, after a few moments they’ll start talking, even with no questions. And that’s when the real comedy gold will begin. Plus, it important to let the crazies speak – so we can identify them.

(Eventually we’ll outnumber them enough to make a difference. That’s a fact.)

But for now, No Facts Scottie: please speak up, then fuck off!

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 27 – Cuck


December 5, 2016inthought2

as winter looms damp and gray
upon the rustbelt USA
we begin the twenty-seventh day
The Donald demands attention pay

Sorry, feeling kind of poetic this morning. But, given that Trump is tweeting up a storm on all subjects from China (he thinks they are not nice) to Saturday Night Live (he thinks they are not funny) I feel we need to confront our president-elect’s need for attention.

One would think grabbing the presidency and gaining the international attention that comes with holding the keys to our nuclear arsenal would be plenty. After all, pretty much everyone everywhere is looking at the Donald (and thinking WTF). But, such abstract, State Department constrained attention is not the Donald’s style. He prefers Twitter, where he can keep things fair.

Yup, the old guy we put in charge can’t be bothered with security briefings, press conferences or State Department research. He may govern via social media only. Meanwhile, the republic stands on social inertia only.

But enough of trying to be artful, let’s talk about name calling – specifically, the guttural sounding alt-wrong term “cuck”. “Cuck” is a portmanteau – kind of a fusion of “cuckold” and “conservative”. It loosely translates to race (or tribe) traitor, but the archaic “cuckold” brings a certain sexual yuck factor to bear.

The term elegantly meets all the playground pejorative requirements in that is has an ugly sound and it conjures unpleasant images. But, I find the targeting more interesting. The word was created by conservatives to attack other conservatives because they weren’t conservative enough. Wow.

I first heard the word in a video of a Paul Rand campaign rally. Young white dudes were chanting “Cuck!” as Paul tried to convince the crowd to vote for him. Paul Rand wasn’t conservative enough, so he was a cuck. Fascinating.

I wonder who these guys are. Not the chanting dudes, they’re just sheep bleating into the void. I mean the inspired linguists who delivered unto us the cultural open sore “cuck”. How dark, how bleak must one’s soul be to attack one’s own? Like that?

Meh, they’re probably not even worth deploring. Besides it’s time for another Donald tweet. (I wonder, historically, has a president-elect ever started a war?)

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 26 – A Well-Armed Victory Lap

logoA Well-Armed Victory Lap

December 4, 2016

It’s been twenty-six days since the angry-white-right seized control of the slightly left, but mostly apathetic America. Kellyanne Conway’s whiny voice is droning in the background and doing holiday rituals as if everything were normal has become a national pastime. Though, the holiday shopping ritual has taken an odd turn.

If you are like many liberals, this year your holiday shopping list may include firearms. And I understand – every time I heard Kellyanne’s voice I, too, want to buy a bigger gun. Second amendment solutions seem appropriately visceral given the recent failures of intellect. Guns, America, feels right…

Back in blog “Trump Times 20 – Lock and Load” I mentioned that we libtards seemed to be getting kind of interested in guns. Well, we now have some numbers and while overall gun sales are down, sales are way up among minority purchasers. Before the election gun sales were to the usual customer base, but after the election there was a demographic shift.

Hmm… So, in terms of armed population groups here in the good old USA we now have:

1. The typically well-armed paranoid conservatives
2. The newly armed frightened non-conservatives
3. The seemingly freaked-out police forces
4. The most powerful military force in history

To keep life interesting, the Donald is taking a pre-inauguration victory lap in a whirlwind tour of the states he won. As a thank you, Trump is holding campaign style rallies complete with “Lock her up!” chanting liberally spiced with racist innuendo. What fun! (Bullies are rarely good sports.)

So, the Donald is stirring up groups 1 and 2. Which further freaks out group 3. While Group 4 stands ready, awaiting his orders. Kobayashi Maru.

Shit, this blog sure went to a dark place fast; I’m freaking myself out. Think I need break right here and do something distracting – perhaps that holiday shopping. I hear Gander Mountain has a sale on Rugers and Glocks – oh, look they have used Bushmasters! What a country!

While armed with more guns and less tolerance, the republic stands.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 25 – Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse

December 3, 2016mefront2

Ah, twenty-five days into the Trump Experience.  After twenty-five days of tweets, political transactions and other tells we begin to sense what’s coming – lots more angry people.  Just yesterday, the Donald managed to piss off Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and China.

While, I assume, China was never a big Trump fan, both Ann and Sarah were supporters – loud, public supporters.  So, given recent history, can we surmise that the Donald will be offensive across the political spectrum?  An equal opportunity hoodlum?  Will he be willing to throw anyone under the buss, even allies?

Why, yes – of course.

Nevertheless, we will hand the reins of power over to this guy in January.  Odd, how we are ethically compelled to grant power to a man who doesn’t practice ethics.  Life in the USA is funny that way, but for now, the republic stands.

While Ann was angry over Trump backing off campaign promises like building a wall, Sarah (in an unexpected lucid moment) complained that Trump’s Carrier factory deal is Crony Capitalism.  China, of course, just wants Trump to keep the fuck out of Taiwan.  Of the three, let’s hope Trump listens to the most populous country on our planet.

If he  wants to keep aggravating Sarah and Ann that’s great – I see comedy gold in our future.

Along with the shrill Coulter and Palin voices, many other disappointed Trump customers are starting to tweet objection to the Donald’s latest actions.  Apparently, those Trump supporters thought he was actually going to build a 2000-mile wall, deport millions of people, end terrorism and lower taxes while saving Social Security and health care – fast.

I wonder if those objectors were listening during the campaign when the Donald repeatedly contradicted himself regarding policy. Or if they noticed that none of his policy statements contained any detail.  I wonder if they noticed the racist nasty tone Trump brought to the debate.  I wonder…

Actually, I don’t wonder, because I know they only heard what they wanted to hear. And now they find themselves with an alt-right government bearing down on their Medicare and Social Security like a cruise missile. Good luck with that Trump voters – at least there won’t be taco trucks on every corner.


That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 24 – Ass Deep

Ass Deep

December 2, 2016trump-snakeoil

Twenty-four days since the Trump Traveling Medicine Show took us by storm.  Substituting “Make America Great Again” for “Good for What Ails You” and selling vitriol rather than snake oil, the Donald played a nearly perfect long-con to the White House.

As the next leader of the free world prepares to take charge, we eagerly await delivery of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” Trump style.  But so far, his choices for leadership and agenda suggest the only remaining self-evident truth is “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

Buzzed on Trump elixir, the republic stands.

The Trump Cabinet is rounding out nicely.  So far, we have Steven Mnuchin (from Goldman Sachs) for Treasury Secretary, Jeff Sessions (historic KKK supporter) for Attorney General and Elaine L. Chao (Mitch McConnell’s wife) for Transportation Secretary – just to name a few.  The list goes on, sounding like a casting list for a remake of “Atlas Shrugged”.

I not going to batter you with detailed analysis of these people today.  I’m certain you can find lots of information about them all on government, private and federal prison web sites. Details, details…

Instead, I offer an encapsulated response with an Angry Little Poem:


it should have been obvious
they would drain the swam
by filling it
with alligators

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 23 – Standing Rock

Standing Rock

December 1, 20inthought2

At the twenty-three-day mark in our journey through Trump times, we find our body politic not just divided, but fractured. Mostly, the banana republicans are swarming to the Donald, hoping for absolution and power. Some, having committed mortal sins during the campaign, have no hope for forgiveness – they have decided to act as if the Donald does not exist.

The democrats have, predictably, fallen back into finger-pointing mode. Fault assignment, for the sixth straight year, is the leading party narrative. Also predictably, the geniuses who lost the House, the Senate and, now, the presidency were reelected to party leadership. The party of change can’t even change itself.

Meanwhile, our current government wages war against American citizens on American soil. In times like these one wonders, just what the republic stands for?

Okay, I’ll grant that the term “waging war” could be hyperbolic, but if we examine the tactics our corporate, county, state and federal forces have used at Standing Rock, we find the term accurate.

If one side uses military transport and assault vehicles, military armor, military weapons and gets to declare no-fly zones that side is waging war. It doesn’t matter if the people using the military might are official soldiers, deputy sheriffs or private contractors. Using military might renders war, regardless of what the army calls itself.

Waging war against the population is, of course, unconstitutional. (Except during revolution, but we’re clearly not there. Yet.) So, the powers that be are using loopholes and fuzzy logic to justify using force to put down Standing Rock protests. I assume they want to end this thing soon, before the harsh winter sets in. They don’t want to risk images of Native American water protectors freezing in North Dakota blizzards capturing public attention.

Donald tweets might not be enough to cancel out images of suffering on such a scale, especially with the Americana theme. Hence, get them out quick. Military action is quick – messy, but quick.

I’m reluctant to suggest people head out to Standing Rock and join a band of protesters who fight a military unit with drums, blankets and hope. But, I’m also painfully aware that such people exist and they are on their way to Standing Rock as I sit comfortably in my studio and write.

They deserve our support, however we can – cash, deeds, words. That kind of idealism is worth the investment.

BTW, the Donald has holdings in several companies that fund this pipeline adventure. What a surprise hey?

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 22 – Twittered to Distraction

Twittered to Distraction

November 30, 2016trump-monop

It’s been three weeks and a day since the worse electoral disaster since Warren G. Harding and Kellyanne Conway is on her way to Canada.

A high priestess in #CultTrump, Kellyanne isn’t fleeing to the great white north like so many Americans have done before. Rather, she’s visiting the tar sands to reassure the big energy corporations.  #CultTrump wants the them all to know, they will be allowed to leak toxic crude oil onto American soil for many years to come.  While upon fouled land, the republic still stands.

Off topic…
IMO, one of the worst consequences of the election is that we will be subjected to years of Kellyanne Conway.  With the grace of a playground bully, she sidesteps issues by attacking anyone who disagrees with her while claiming she’s the victim – of abusive logic, I guess.  The sound of her voice causes my gut to flip. I cannot look at her for fear of throwing-up.  She literally makes me sick.

Forcing Kellyanne onto the American public is a human rights violation!

Back on topic…
What was the topic?  Oh yeah, more presidential twitter bullshit.

We have lots of national concerns to amuse us at the moment.  Let’s see, we have a peaceful transfer of occurring (well, sort of); we have numerous conflict of interest questions arising from that transfer.  We have a troubling outbreak of hate incidents; we have an increasing number of Trump supporters publicly claiming that THEY are the victims of discrimination.  We still have all the usual shit – expensive war, shooting each other here at home, health-care, rich getting richer – everyone else poorer.  The usual.

So, what does the Donald Tweet about?  Why, flag burning of course.

In true Trump form, he managed to insult both our constitution and our intelligence in less than 140 characters.  But, if we focus on what he says, we miss the point.

Of course, it’s news when the President-Elect proposes an unconstitutional penalty for a non-crime, just because he thinks so.  But, since he really frequently tweets outrageous stuff, it’s not lead news.

It’s an obvious distraction – a change of subject to get everyone to overlook all the Loony-Toon corruption.

I think dumb-ass Trump tweets should only be covered in a single side-bar.  You know, with a title like “Shit Our Donald Tweeted Today”.  That way, those with a taste for it, could easily find what the Teeter-In-Chief’s got on his mind.  And the rest of us could assign this bullshit the importance is deserves.  None.

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,