NaPoWriMo Project Day 17

Going through the Motions

Just showing up
Pretending to care

Going through the motions
Sure you’ve been there

We’ve all been alone with someone
During threadbare love

And then engaged the cruise control
It’s a nonexclusive club

Went through them again today
While taking a pretty girl home

She could tell I was far away
Trying to write an honest poem


NaPoWriMo Day 15 – Crazy as a Loon

Crazy as a Loon

Watched the red sun setting
Howling at a harvest moon
Sky keeps on changing
Could be crazy as a silly loon

Seen blue eyes twinkle
Running wild in the morning dew
Shifting with the daybreak
Knew she was crazy too

Watched myself falter
Seen up-close what love can really do
Hunting with a heartbeat
Guess that’s kinda crazy too

Noticed them this morning
Waltzing round in silly pairs
Couplets without rhythm
Not a sane one there

Wacky people all around us
Could be several in this very room
Don’t look now, they might not notice
Unless you’re crazy as a silly loon


NaPoWriMo Project Day 14 – Not Quite a Feminist Observation

Not Quite a Feminist Observation

A moratorium on body part metaphor
Except male

Is based on not objectifying
The female

She smirked as that last word
Left her flag red lips

Never one to avoid a trap
I countered with this quip

That’s kind of like a moratorium on thought
Well, except the male

Knew at once my direct approach
Would very likely fail

Her eyes flashed hot untangled words
She moved in for the kill

You prick, we put up with unwanted
Male attention still

You dress up to be noticed then object when it works
You ass

(So close I feel a heartbeat throb
Coming from that lass)

Did you just use my backside to make your point?
Butt head

(Closer still, breath on my neck
Don’t recall what next I said)

Could not defend the intended metaphor
For the unintended range

But wondered if she might include
Body parts in the next exchange


NaPoWriMo Project Day 13 – Joy is Not Competition

Joy is Not Competition

It’s not like playing ball or cards
Like singing on TV

Let’s get stinking drunk on joy
I won’t tell, not me

We could wallow ass deep in joy
And smear it all around

Or maybe laugh out tears of joy
While rolling on the ground

Would love rub you down with joy
Then you do me

Okay, sometimes just a touch of joy
Might be all we need


NaPoWriMo Project Day 12

Not a Game

Her last words
Before casting off angry

Harboring low expectations
Is not the same as

Saw it coming
But found the dead reckoning

Need a way to
Express joy is not