Our Special Theory of Creativity

A Micro-Essay

The notion that creative ideas come from within the artist, while the widely held, seems narrow.  And more than a little self-involved.  The writer, painter, the musician are exempt from the laws of physics?  They get to create something from nothing while the rest of us are limited to the scant mater and energy already in the universe?  That’s some really upscale chauvinism.

Imagine instead, we live in a vast confusing sea of ideas.  A place where every idea that ever has or ever will occur, exists, irrespective of time.  Artists notice the interesting ones and show them to us.

While anyone could be an artist, the pool will always be limited to those who really notice what surrounds us.


NaPoWriMo Last Day 30


Gentle as rain, the poetry police
Thundered at my mixed metaphor

Then accused me of, splitting, I think,
Infinitives with grammar poor

The hanging judge participle, thinking my words
Predicate syntactic crime

The jury, an actively passive bunch
Took little joy from my rhyme

The discourse was quick, I has no defense
But felt no need for penance

Foreshadowed is seemed, from the very first word
I was given a fragmented sentence

So here I sit, poetic license revoked
Condition of release now imposed

For the next thirty days, for my own good
I’m only allow to write prose


NaPoWriMo Day 29

Not a nice guy

Father preferred
Competing over teaching
Life lessons generalization were few

I stumbled into adulthood
Knowing drive to the hoop
No pearls of wisdom, save two

The conservative’s a person
Who doesn’t like change
That’s what it’s really about

Time will be spent
Waiting for women though
Worth it he said with no doubt

Been gone so long now
Can’t remember his face
Unless I look at a mirror

Odd what you conjure
Up late at night
Odd which thoughts become dear


NaPoWriMo Day 28 – An Angry Little Poem today

Really need to stop
Watching cable news


Entertainer Journalist

His reasonable tone of voice
In no way mitigates
The darkness in his speech

The kind of guy
You’d share a beer with
Risking the chance of poison

Clever with words
Not so much with ideas
Very willing to discuss his values

A modern take on an old notion
But lacking the honest scowl
A smile keeps the prey distracted

His willingness to take
Is exceeded only by his ability to feel
Self-righteous while taking

Claims journalist credibility
Hiding behind entertainer accountability
Performing both with ability scant

Embarrassing to look upon
More so, we likely made him
If enough ignore, he may go away


NaPoWriMo Day 27

The lie remains one
Of our most popular
Communication forms

Quick Litany of Lies

I’ll call you
In the morning

Vote for me
I’ll change things

Popular for
Your own good

We face it every day

No sex with
That woman

Free markets
Grant us freedom

Veiled checks
In the mail

I fear they’re here to stay

Let’s try
More time
With the family

He just needs
More rehap

You need
Our product


Don’t go by what they say


NaPoWriMo Day 26

Tough Love

Don’t tell
Me there’s more

Not let

Backwards into
Here and now

Thinking baseball
While making love

May prolong
But you’re not here

Join in this moment
Then the next